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Established on March 9, 1995, to implement key provisions of the Agreed Framework between the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and United States, the Organization's objectives and structure are outlined in the KEDO Establishment Agreement. Provisions for the light-water reactor project are stipulated in the Supply Agreement between KEDO and the DPRK. Additional agreements related to the establishment and maintenance of KEDO can be found below. Also available, are protocols concluded between KEDO and the DPRK that support various aspects of implementing the light-water reactor project.

Click on the links below to access the following documents.

KEDO-European Union (EU) Renewal Agreement 2001 (539K PDF)
KEDO - EU Accession Agreement 1997 (16K PDF)
Supply Agreement KEDO - DPRK 1995 (35K PDF)
Kuala Lumpur Statement US-DPRK 1995 (10K PDF)
KEDO Charter - Agreement on the Establishment of the Korean Peninsula Energy Developement Organization 1995 (21K PDF)
Agreed Framework: U.S.- DPRK: Geneva 1994 (13K PDF)
Protocol on Quality Assurance and Warranties 2001 (29K PDF)
Protocol on Training 2000 (29K PDF)
Protocol on Non-Payment 1997 (14K PDF)
Protocol on Site Take-Over, Site Access and Use of the Site 1997 (39K PDF)
Protocol on Labor, Goods, Facilities and Other Services 1997 (35K PDF)
Protocol on the Juridical Status, Privileges and Immunities, and Consular Protection of KEDO in the DPRK 1996 (27K PDF)
Protocol on Communications 1996 (17K PDF)
Protocol on Transportation 1996 (25K PDF)

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