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7/24/2024    2:15:19 AM
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KEDO Begins Training for DPRK Operations and Maintenance Personnel
On June 5th, the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization (KEDO) will begin training North Korean operation and maintenance personnel who will be responsible for running the KEDO-constructed nuclear power plant after its completion. The plant is located at Kumho on the east coast of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

KEDO’s Executive Director, Mr. Charles Kartman, and the DPRK’s Director General of the General Bureau for the LWR project, Mr. Kim Hui Mun, will participate in a ceremony to commemorate initiation of the KEDO-developed training program. Training for the first 129 persons, out of a total of 529 DPRK staff who will eventually be trained by KEDO, will take place at the newly constructed Kumho Nuclear Training Center adjacent to the project site.

During the training, KEDO will acquaint the DPRK staff with the design and structure of the nuclear power plant and provide detailed instruction on the safe operation and maintenance of the light-water reactors. KEDO’s training program is designed to ensure the utmost level of safety in accordance with internationally accepted standards.

KEDO is an international organization tasked with constructing a nuclear power plant in the DPRK in exchange for the DPRK’s agreement, in 1994, to freeze their own nuclear program. Excavation of the foundations for the main power plant buildings began in September 2001 and pouring of first concrete for the foundations is scheduled for early August 2002.

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