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KEDO Marks “First Concrete” Pouring Milestone
On Wednesday, August 7, 2002, the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization (KEDO) will mark an important milestone in the construction of the Light-Water Reactor (LWR) project at the construction site in Kumho District, South Hamgyong Province, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). A ceremony will be held to commemorate the pouring of “first concrete” for the foundations of the main power plant buildings.

In addition to Executive Board representatives from the European Union, Japan, Republic of Korea, and the United States, delegates from eight KEDO member states (Argentina, Australia, Chile, the Czech Republic, Indonesia, New Zealand, Poland, and Uzbekistan), and representatives of several contributing states (Thailand, Germany and the United Kingdom) will attend the ceremony and observe the progress that has been made in the LWR project.

The ceremony highlights the important contribution made by KEDO’s prime contractor, the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO). Since March 1996, KEPCO has been responsible for implementing the KEDO-KEPCO Turnkey Contract for the construction of two 1,000 MW(e) light-water reactors.

Prior to visiting the site, Executive Board representatives met in Seoul, August 5, to discuss issues related to implementation of the LWR project.

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